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About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist with over 15 years of experience working with children, adults and families.  I love my work and am constantly learning so that I can be the best therapist I can be.  I believe that all healing and growth happens in the context of relationships and enjoy the privilege of really connecting with my clients.  

My commitments to you as your therapist:

Dignity:  I will see you as a person--not as a diagnosis. I understand that to struggle is human, that we all experience difficulties, and that the most important things I can do are to listen, empathize, accept and support you.

Trust:  You are in good hands.  I routinely engage in advanced training, have a wide range of life experience, and believe deeply in the human ability to heal and grow.

Care:  I care about your well-being.  It's important to me and to your therapy that you feel deeply understood.  Your confidentiality is essential and you can count on my professionalism from start to finish.  

Effectiveness:  I will help you to better understand the roots of your experience in the spirit of long lasting change, as well as attend to your here and now experience.

While I am comfortable working across the spectrum of mental health, I have grown a specialty in working with children, adults, and families impacted by anxiety, trauma and family of origin issues. I have successfully supported many people in their healing and re-connection process, and can offer the most important and immediate gift to you—

genuine hope.


Affiliations & Education:  

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