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Becoming a Reader of Your Story

Every one of us has a story. There are settings, characters, certainly a point of view, conflicts, plot twists and themes. When we are busy living our story though, it can be hard to read our story, especially in a way that reveals themes and plots. Without creating the space to be readers of our story, we miss the deeper meaning in our lives and simply, important information that we can use to make important decisions for our future. Our own life story is the very thing that influences and shapes the way we see the world, the relationships we choose, decisions we make--yet we rarely explore it the same way we would research a movie before we go to the theater. What has the Director done before? Who are the stars of the film? Have I enjoyed their work in the past? Do I really want to go see this movie? Did I enjoy the movie last time I saw it? Do I really want to see it again?

Being in therapy can help you create the space to read your story, to explore what your story reveals, so that you can live with deeper meaning and feel confident and secure in your decisions. Learn to read and share your story at Creating Space Counseling and Wellness.


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