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Meditation: The Five Principles of Reiki

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Reiki is a practice that works with the life energy around and within us to heal ourselves, others and the world. What I love most about the practice is that you can actually feel the energy in my body, which I personally find to be reassuring and affirming. The meditations that you can use as part of Reiki can help you to feel better nearly immediately. And professionally speaking, Reiki is comprehensive in that it: 1. promotes a feeling of attachment, faith and security 2. supports top down approaches, like healing self talk and 3. promotes bottom up approaches (ie. meditations, deep breathing, energy work) that work directly on our central nervous systems.

The five principles of Reiki can help you better understand the fundamentals of the practice, and you can also use them as a daily meditation. For my own use as a Reiki practitioner, I modify the principles so that they are positively worded, and more meaningful to me. I recommend that you also re-write them in your own voice.

Reiki for healing anxiety

The Meditation

I recommend either sitting or laying down to start. If you are new to meditation, you can use gentle music, aromatherapy, a soft fabric to touch, or nature to help center you. However, once you are used to the meditation process, it should feel meaningful to you even during a 5 minute break in your car!

Take a few deep breaths in and a few big sights out, through your mouth. If you are comfortable, place your hands together at your heart, in a prayer position. Should you feel your mind wander, press the tips of your middle fingers together, to bring yourself back. If you prefer, leave your hands open, palms up on your thighs, taking in the wisdom and energy that life has to offer you.

Take a minute to honor the Rhythm of Life around us. (See my Blog Post "The Rhythm of Life" for more info). Hold in your mind, the truth that you are a part of this Rhythm, that the Rhythm is inside of you--inside of your body right now. Can you feel it?

Continue taking deep breaths, this time, in and out of your nose and back of your throat. Repeat the principles, as you have re-written them. As you say each principle, either out loud or to yourself, believe it. Feel it. Long for it. See yourself in each principle. When you are finished, take a moment of gratitude. If you notice a positive effect, enjoy it! If you don't notice anything, keep practicing.

I recommend practicing this meditation every morning after waking, and if you can, and as you need it, mid-day. Weaving the Reiki principles into your day is a fantastic way to create space for yourself and your spiritual well-being!

Healing Anxiety and Trauma with Reiki


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