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The FEAR Plan for Kids

For kids age 7-13, there is an evidence based program called the Coping Cat that can help kids find relief from the distressful feelings associated with generalized anxiety, social anxiety and separation anxiety. One of the most important components is the FEAR on to find out if it could be a good fit for your child!

F: Feeling Frightened?

In the first step, kids learn how they experience anxiety in their bodies. While this may seem obvious, we often don’t have the space to reflect on what anxiety is doing in our bodies and how we react to those sensation. Once kids learn what their physical experiences of anxiety are, they can begin. to tolerate them AND be able to use coping tools early so that they can reduce the intensity of their sensations. To learn more about the physical sensations of anxiety, check out my blog post “Listening to My Body”.

E: Expecting Bad Things to Happen

In this part of the program, kids learn the difference between anxious thinking and realistic/healthy thinking. They will begin to recognize their own anxious thoughts and how they trigger uncomfortable sensations in their bodies. Once they really begin to recognize anxious thoughts, they can reduce the intensity of their anxiety and practice reframing anxious thoughts into more realistic ones.

A: Attitudes and Actions that Can Help

Once kids can recognize their anxiety and understand it, they are ready to learn coping skills that can help them through. In this part of the program, kids learn healthy self talk, problem solving and relaxation skills.

R: Results and Rewards

Finally, kids learn to evaluate their progress and reward themselves for facing their fears and anxieties. This builds a sense of competence—I can do this! As well as a sense of pride, accomplishment and mastery.

If your child could benefit from the FEAR program, call Creating Space Counseling and a Wellness today! Teaching kids to “make friends” with their anxiety is a gift that can last a lifetime!

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