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The "Wise Mind"

There are so many ways to think about our mind, and how it works. A pretty simple model that can help you to cultivate more balance comes from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Balancing your Emotional Mind and Reasonable Mind helps you to strengthen your "Wise Mind".

Emotion Mind

Because we are human beings, we feel things. We have emotions, that can help us understand what's happening both outside of ourselves in the world and within in our bodies. Our emotions can help us to understand our needs. For example, when we feel hungry, we eat. When we're tired, we sleep. If we feel sad, we might cry. If we're lonely, we might seek company.

Sometimes, when people feel that their emotions are "too intense" or that they can't control them, they may try to shut them down, ignore them, or deny them. They may become disconnected from their Emotion Mind, from their feelings. Other times people may have a tendency to be emotion-led, for example, when they don't "feel" like getting out of bed or doing work, they won't. If they feel hungry, even if they just ate, they may eat again. The irony is that either pattern is focused solely on emotion--either avoiding it or becoming totally embodied in it.

The Reasonable Mind

Because we have highly developed brains, we are able to think in complex ways. Our Reasonable Mind helps us to assess situations, problem solve, organize information, etc. The Reasonable Mind is most effective when it has a reciprocal relationship--a balanced relationship--with the Emotion Mind. If someone spends more time in the Emotion Mind, they might spend less time in Reasonable Mind, following the currents of feelings rather than calmly thinking through what's happening. Alternatively, if someone spends time avoiding the Emotional Mind, they probably spend too much time in their Reasonable Mind. While the Reasonable Mind is great for making analytical decisions, it's not independently wonderful at relationships and other social endeavors.

The Wise Mind

You've probably guessed it by now, the Wise Mind is when the Emotional Mind and the Reasonable Mind are balanced. When we feeling something with our Emotional Mind, and then we think it through with our Reasonable Mind, we have access to the best possible information. We also have the best chance of resolving a conflict, because we can be centered in balance. This is the Wise Mind. When we have a balance between thinking and feeling, it's like having the most advanced GPS you can get.

At Creating Space Counseling and Wellness, you can learn strategies like this and more to become more balanced, more able to use cognitive, emotional and relational skills to better understand yourself and others AND to feel more confident in your choices.

Practicing the "Wise Mind" is connecting to your Best Self!

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