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Counseling and Psychotherapy

Therapy is creating a safe space to strengthen your relationship with yourself so that you can persist, work through and overcome any of life's challenges.  Though I enjoy working across the spectrum of mental health and wellness, I offer a specialization in helping children and adults to cope with and thrive through Anxiety and Trauma. 


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Areas of Focus

Anxiety, Anger, Trauma or PTSD, Childhood Abuse or Neglect, Depression, Life Transitions, Relationships, LGBTQI, Parenting, Sleep, Stress Management, Recovery from Substance Abuse


Trauma, Co-Occurring Disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Relational Psychotherapy

Your Investment

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Is your child struggling with anxiety? 

If so, I can help!

 Everyone feels worried, nervous, stressed or even angry sometimes, but when a child feels those emotions intensely or regularly, it can disrupt the balance of the entire family.  And the stability and consistency of a balanced family is just what your child needs to bounce back from their distress! 

Therapy with kids looks like me, sitting on the floor with your child, playing, talking, listening, drawing--relating! Therapy also looks like working collaboratively with families and when needed, schools, so that the important people in your child's life can respond most effectively to their needs.  In order to ensure the safety for all of us, I am currently working online.  These days, therapy with kids looks a little different, but at the core is the same!













Areas of Focus:

Anxiety, Fears,  Intrusive thoughts, Anger, Sleep difficulties, Homework resistance, Trouble with transitions,  

Tantrums/meltdowns, Separation anxieties

Preferred Modalities:

Play Therapy, Parts Work, Narrative Therapy, Relational Family Work, Nurtured Heart Approach.  I have a background in contemporary, relational psychoanalysis that grounds my practice in attachment theories and research, a deep understanding of child and human development, and empathic attunement to your child and their entire family system.  

Your Investment:

One-time Comprehensive Intake:  $250, 60-75 minutes

Individual Session:  $180/session, 45-50 minutes

Family Session:  $225, 60 minutes

*Dayna Sharp is an out-of-network provider. Please contact your insurance company to ensure that you have out-of-network coverageYou can also check to see if your Medical Savings or Flexible Spending Account might be used.  I am happy to provide a receipt for reimbursement at time of service.


I accept cash or check at time of services rendered.

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