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What Zone is Your Child In?

Does your child seem to get TOO excited, TOO active, TOO frustrated, TOO angry? If your child could use a little support in developing self awareness, identifying their feelings and body states, and learning how to cope with them--and what child couldn't?-- this poster might be for you!

Not only does this graphic name feelings and states of being (sad, bored, wiggly, angry, etc.), it also helps kids to understand which feelings and body states respond best to moving forward, slowing down and stopping. If your child is hitting or yelling (Red Zone), for example, the "getting ready for school routine" has already been interrupted, and probably won't move forward in a harmonious manner. However, if you help your child to STOP, have a time-in, calm down, you're more likely to get back on track.

Tools to Get Back into the Green Zone (Back on Track)

As you can see, the poster also clearly identifies specific tools to teach your child to cope and to return to the "Green Zone", back to balance, back on track. There are some great ones based on meeting basic needs (food and water), mindfulness (count to 10, take deep breaths), sensory tools (wall push ups, tense and release, lifting) and positive social skills (talk to an adult, write, ask to take a walk).

Hang It Up!

You can actually print out the image and hang it on your wall. You can use the language of the poster in your home with your kids, if it feels right to you. Having a visual representation of the Zones, Feelings and States, and Coping Skills can keep the information in your family's minds, communication and can more rapidly become a habit for your entire family!


At Creating Space Counseling and Wellness, I offer parenting consultation, and can help your family figure out which strategies might work best for you. I also provide CBT, Play and Narrative-based therapy for kids so that they can understand their emotions, learn and practice healthy coping and communication skills, and enhance their social skills both out in the world and at home.

Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we might be a good match!



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